Thames Estuary Walk

When I founded Kool Carers 5 years ago, never did I ever dream that my vision for a charity that supported young carers and their families would become a reality in such a short period of time. Kool Carers has only grown to be the nationally recognised and highly respected provision that it is today, because of the amazing and dedicated staff
team and volunteers that I have working alongside me.

On Saturday 8th July, Amy, Lisa and Karen (Amy’s lovely Mum), embarked on a 30 mile Thames Estuary Walk, in-order to raise much needed unrestricted funds for the charity.

This amazing trio had no time in their busy lives to train for this challenge and Karen only recently underwent a hip replacement, so to embark on this walk some might say was totally bonkers, but to me it was incredibly inspiring.Our fantastic trio set off for part one of the challenge at 4.00am, they began their epic walk at 4.45am. The weather was quite nice and cool initially, but as the day progressed, the temperature soared and made walking conditions incredibly difficult.
Thank you to Julie, who helped me deliver refreshments and food along the route. This walk apart from being 30 miles, which was no mean feet, became even more challenging as each mile was completed. Each part of the walk brought its own
challenges, from the weather, to a field with cows eagerly eyeing our three intrepid walkers, not allowing them to exit the field for an hour and a half!! Despite this, they still ventured on having to navigate, long grass infested with moths and butterflies, boggy fields, with one which had a sign ‘BEWARE OF THE BULL’ at it’s entrance! I honestly do not know how they managed to keep going, it seemed everything was stacked against them.
At stage 5 of the walk, Benfleet to Leigh, the final leg, our amazing trio were joined by Julie, Maxine and Archie, our doggie mascot, to offer their encouragement and support. I along with other supporters welcomed our walkers at 9.00pm that evening, having walked over 70,000 steps, whilst burning over 2,100 calories!! It was such a relief after 17 hours of walking, that our trio crossed the finishing line, safe and well and still smiling!! As the walkers donned our KC branded t shirts, members of the public, showed their appreciation by clapping and congratulating them, Archie received lots of pats and attention too!! Crossing the finishing line was an incredibly emotional moment for me, against all the odds, our amazing trio completed the challenge they had set themselves, they raised awareness of the charity that I founded and manage to raise in the region of
approximately £1,900 (exact figure still to be confirmed). Thank you all so much for your continued love and passion for the charity, to say thank you, is quite simply not enough. I am truly honoured to have you all as part of my KC team and family.
A heartfelt thank you to Rachel, from Co-op Funeral Care (Wickford Branch) and her
friends, Laura, Liza and Jess the dog, who also completed the walk in aid of Kool Carers.
Rachel x

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