In Loving Memory of Amira



Amira was a beautiful and talented young lady. She enjoyed gymnastics, singing, dancing and fashion. She had a big heart when it came to animals. She was also a young carer, who like many, felt unable to reach out and speak about the challenges she was facing during the pandemic. 

Tragically, Amira lost her battle with her own mental health at the very beginning of the pandemic. She was just 12 years old.

Two of our young carers Morgen and Dylan will be participating in the Global Make Some Noise, 3 peaks challenge in memory of their beautiful friend. Amira, you will never be forgotten by any of us at Kool Carers.

Forever a Kool Carer❤️

These two stones decorated by Morgen and Nasia were carried and placed at the top of Mount Snowdon by Morgen Coates and Dylan Rae, in memory of their dear friend Amira.

The Challenge complete!

Morgen And Dylan’s Challenge!