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OUR   VISION: Our vision for young carers; is a community where young carers no longer feel they have to care in the shadows, as they are able to develop positive relationships with young people, with whom they share an identity.  Young carers will have increased self-confidence and enhanced resilience, which will improve individual emotional wellbeing and provide a foundation for them to build positive aspirations for the future.  



OUR   MISSION: Young carers will be provided with a safe environment, to gain professional support, whilst having the opportunity to participate in tailored group activities, where they can develop life-skills, gain new knowledge, attend therapeutic interventions and respite opportunities.   Kool Carers will work in partnership with young carers, their families and professionals in-order to safeguard, protect and secure positive outcomes for young carers.



OUR   VALUES: A person-centred and inclusive approach will be adopted when working with young carers and their families.  By demonstrating, honesty, transparency and accountability within our practice, all young carers and their families will feel respected, valued and accepted.   Kool Carers will remain responsive in its approach, challenging any forms of oppression or discrimination that is encountered by young carers and their families and will raise societal awareness of the plight and challenges that they face on a daily basis.