Kool Carers to pilot new Young Carers assessment tool!


Evaluation of Kool Carers is essential for us to be able to measure the effectiveness of what we do. There are two reasons for this.

One is that we really want to do our best for our young carers, and work out what support they need to reach their full potential.

Another reason is to evidence what we do to be able to secure further funding.

We have recently been able to work with Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd, who have trained Kool Carers staff to assess our young carers using Stars Outcomes, a useful tool.

Kool Carers are delighted to be trialling the very first pilot scheme for a “Young Carers Star”. This is exciting, and a new challenge for the staff.

We would ask our parents to continue to support us by promoting positivity around the star assessments, encouraging your child to be open and honest so we can plan goals and work towards growth and development.

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