Congratulations to our first Jack Petchey Award winners!!!

We are so proud of your achievements


Neave Hannington

Neave has been attending Kool Carers Basildon provision for a number of years.  She is a very supportive member of the group and is always accepting of people’s diversity and is a positive advocate and voice for the LGBTQ+ community and young carers.  

Neave has had a high level of caring responsibilities within her family and has had to bravely overcome a number of personal challenges; but she has shown courage and resilience and the ability to reach out and ask for help, not only for herself, but also for others.  Neave has encouraged and empowered other young carers to find their voice; for which Neave has proven to be a positive role model.  Neave has demonstrated a passion and commitment for raising awareness of the lived experiences of young carers and is a very valued member of the Basildon Kool Carers group.


Kerri Foster

Kerri is a mature, independent, and caring young woman who gets on extremely well with her peers and other young carers. Kerri is always the first to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs support, she is supportive to her peers and will put her own problems aside to help others. Kerri has gained so much confidence since starting Kool Carers even though she is quite humble about what she has achieved.

During the sailing trips with The Cirdan Trust, Kerri has attended as a young carer and in the last couple of years as a volunteer for Kool Carers. Kerri has developed new skills in sailing achieving the competent crew-member certificate and additional certificates to follow on as she gained confidence and developed further knowledge and experience with sailing. Kerri has volunteered to help other young carers experience the sailing trips and supporting other staff members, she has managed small groups and isalways conscientious about the health and safety of others, what their needs are and how  she can help them.

Kerri is still a young adult carer, but despite having other commitments still manages to attend Kool Carers provision regularly.  Kerri is an asset to Kool Carers!

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