The ExtraOrdinary Concert Sunday 10th October 2021

The ExtraOrdinary Concert Sunday 10th October 2021

Basildon Towngate Theatre

Kool Carers had the privilege of participating in two full
day workshops, with Sinfonia Viva during September
This culminated in an ExtraOrdinary Concert, which was a
culmination of two separate music projects involving
Peaceful Place and Kool Carers.
The programme was co-produced with Orchestra Live,
Basildon Council and Sinfonia Viva.

Video On YouTube
(Footage 5 – 12)

This was such an emotionally, inspiring and memorable
afternoon, the audience was privileged to gain an insight
into the world of young carers, through a song that they
had created and the sheer joy expressed by members of
Peaceful Place, as they played various instruments along
with the orchestra was so poignant. 

Following the evaluation of the ExtraOrdinary concert,
everyone involved could see the potential health and
wellbeing benefits of engaging both generations in a
musical project together.

We are now hoping to embark on a new and exciting
intergenerational project, which will bring together 12
young carers aged 8 – 18 years, (who reside in Basildon
and Brentwood) working alongside 10 members who
attend Peaceful Place, a members led charity, which
provides a unique, person centred, therapeutic
experience, for people of working age, diagnosed with
dementia. This will be a collaborative project, led by the
participants, supported by Sinfonia Viva Musicians and
local musicians. Young carers and Peaceful Place
members will come together over a number of weeks,
where a new song, inspired by Her Majesty the Queen’s 39th
Platinum Jubilee will be created and performed, along with
other musical compilations. The performances will take
place at a public Jubilee celebration on the 5th June 2022,
with Sinfonia Viva and local musicians, organised by
Basildon Council.

This is the pilot for an ongoing longer term musical
collaboration project between Kool Carers and Peaceful
Place, supported predominantly by local musicians, with
Sinfonia Viva overseeing an annual larger scale
performance, with an orchestral accompaniment.

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