‘I was privileged to spend some time on the Summer Breeze Programme. What I witnessed was a unique environment for young carers. If you can picture a perfect world, which is safe, kind and respectful, this is Kool Carers.

Our Tom’s journey:

Tom has two brothers, an older brother of 13 and Tom’s 9 year old twin.  Both of Tom’s brother’s have autism. Tom has great fun with his brothers, however living with them can be demanding.  Tom has to be accommodating, kind and very understanding.  Due to Tom having to compromise and manage his brothers’ behaviour, we often find he is unable to play by himself.  Or if he is asked a question to something he answers with;

“I will do what Dan wants”

Tom was reluctant to attend the Summer Breeze programme.  However, with the support of me being able to stay, Tom was able to attend each week and we watched his confidence grow and grow at home and also with his Nan and Grandad. The last day was incredible, I was unable to change my hours at work, so sadly I could not stay the whole day with Tom at Stubbers.  Tom was initially not very happy with this arrangement. At Stubbers all the young carers were together and it was two fellow young carers from the senior group who chatted and supported Tom when I had to go to work. On my return, Tom was so happy and joining in with the other children.  He enjoyed himself so much.

When Tom arrived home he was so excited to tell his Dad, Nan and Brothers about what he had done at Stubbers.  It was his adventure, his fun and his achievements.  Tom looked so much more grown up and radiated confidence.

Thank you, Rachel and Gina. You are super people, and the world is a better place because of people like you. You have enriched the lives of these children and young adults with your perfect world of Summer Breeze for Young Carers.’ By Jane Morgan


‘Kool Carers provides these special children with so many opportunities.  All the children clearly love coming, each child is made to feel comfortable and included, with all their needs being very carefully thought about.

The sessions are always very well put together by a group of kind and caring people (more people like Rachel and Gina, would make this world a better place).

I could see my son’s confidence grow and grow, as each session went on, I can not thank Kool Carers enough, it has been a lifeline for my family.’


‘It has given my girls a new lease of life. It has helped my children make friends with others who have had the same experiences as them. It has helped lift the negative effects of their roles. It has helped me meet other parents that need the support of their brilliant young carers which helps me understand that I’m not alone. Gina & Rachel help me offload when things get too much and I’m truly grateful. They are my guardian angels always at the end of the phone. Thank you guys so much.’


‘Kool Carers has been an amazing support not just for Lily, but for myself aswell.  Lily does not have friends that understand her and her home life, but the young carers are amazing and Lily can be herself, whether that means crying, laughing or just sitting there.  There is absolutely no judgment, but 100% support!!!

Rachel and Gina work tirelessly to support each child and their family members.   Each session is packed full of support, care and fun from both Rachel and Gina and I could never thank them enough for everything they do for us.  Lily looks forward to every other Sunday group, now that is something she has never done, something she has never had.

I was a young carer and know just how important it is to have support and understanding.  I grew up with a severely special needs brother, who took up all my parent’s time, so to get the attention I so badly wanted I took the wrong path unfortunately, which tore my family apart, as there was no support outside my family home and I had no friends.

Having no friends and being bullied growing up is hard and some days I did not even want to be alive let alone get out of bed and be a child.  Growing up for myself was very hard and stressful, there were no young carers groups for myself or siblings and I would never want my daughter to feel the same things.

I strongly support Kool Carers, as young carers have the opportunities to do the things children need to do away from being young carers.  I really want people to understand just how important this group is for these children.  I now have friends and so does Lily, something I never thought my daughter would ever have!!  In fact this year, she chose to spend her birthday at Kool Carers with her young carer friends.  I would go as far as to say everyone at Kool Carers are more like a family than friends.’    By Jess Ford