Parents feedback

Feedback from Julie

”Along with all parents I was invited to attend the being kind to your body and mind workshops. This course of sessions aimed to assist those that have ongoing conditions those that are carers and those that are partners of carers to be able to recognise where we need help, where to find that help, how to express themselves with more assertiveness and not feel guilty about taking time for ourselves.

The course recently finished and we all attended a feedback session.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. People that attended said that they had increased confidence and assertiveness in expressing themselves. We found it easier to be able to speak about ourselves more kindly and have a better acceptance of our conditions. We were challenged to have a more positive Body Image which clearly worked in my case as I would never usually wear a dress!

We were given the tools and knowledge to identify and set boundaries and be more accepting of other people’s boundaries and needs.

Throughout the course we were able to identify what could cause stress and the amount of energy it’s actually takes to deal with. We were trained in how we could combat these stresses and and most importantly what we can actually do for ourselves to get benefit. This was called our emotional and energy bank account we learnt the importance of keeping it balanced .

The course encouraged us to be able to use many different means of shutting off and dealing with our emotions. This ranged from arts and crafts, getting in touch with nature, praising ourselves for our achievements , visualisation exercises, yoga and mindfulness activities.

The sessions proved to be crucial to many of the parents in being able to deal with the negative side effects of not only having an ongoing condition or caring for those with a medical condition but also so the very damaging effects of the covid pandemic.

Whilst the Being kind to your body and mind course has now finished I truly believe that we have formed a support network between ourselves as parents and I would not hesitate to offer or ask for help to any of the attendees.

I hope from the feedback that the charity has received and with further funding many more parents and families will be able to benefit from this.”