Julie Baker


Hello I am Julie and I am a parent trustee for Kool Carers.

I have spent the majority of my life in and around the Basildon area. I have been working in a local secondary Academy for over 16 years supporting the Science education of the pupils.  Most recently I have taken up the strategic management of the whole technical team across two academies ensuring that the health and safety of our students is at the foremost thought of everything we do.

During my time working in the education sector I have encountered many groups of vulnerable children but was honestly unaware of how much impact being a young carer can have on a child’s world.  It was not until I found myself with a long term chronic condition that I realised just how much some children have to do to help out their families.  I have a wonderful daughter who is at university and a son who is my absolute rock helping me day to day in managing my condition.

My son has been part of the Kool Carers family for a year now and during that time he has received much support and essential respite from taking care of me.  I personally have benefitted from being part of the parents group receiving advice on anxiety, mindfulness, and general coping strategies.

I firmly believe that, for young carers, having somewhere to go and engage with other children that are in the same position is essential. I was honoured to be asked to be a trustee for Kool Carers and will do everything I can to support the staff and young carers in any way I can.