Rosalind Klass


My name is Rosalind and I am married to a lovely man named Fred Klass. Unfortunately Fred the
love of my life has left this world.
I am a Singaporean and had been living in this country for the past 30 years. I am presently living with my two lovely dogs named Floyd who is a Border Terrier (8 years) and Peggy who is a cross between a pug and Lhasa Apso (10 years). Both of them are getting on a little like me.
I have a son named Alexander and he has just got married to a beautiful Russian girl named Polina. I graduated with an accounting degree from Singapore and subsequently worked really hard to getan MBA from Open University in UK. When my husband passed away I took over his Company as the CEO and run the Company with a group of fiercely loyal staff and last year August I sold the Company to a big Organisation. I am still working for them though as the Commander in Chief.
I have a passion for learning and a passion to help young people learn. I believe that “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge provides us with the power to help others, in addition it inspires us with authority and enables us to interact with others in a more moral way. In other words with knowledge comes Power and with Power we can use it to do a lot of good for others.
Presently I am involved in the Southend Homeless Charity, and also the 60 minutes Mentor Program that are run by Southend Borough Council. I mentored a group of 10 Year 8 students helping them to make choices in their GCE subjects that might shape their future career.
I am privileged to have met Rachael who came in to our Church one day to tell us all about you. Your story inspires me and I am so glad that I can be involved with Kool Carers. I am glad to be asked to be your Trustee and I pledged that I will do my utmost to contribute to your well-being and further development.