Ed Traynor

Sessional Support Worker

Hi my name is Ed and I have had the privilege to have worked with children and young adults since I left school at 16. Most of my work has been working with the Mushroom Theatre Company, that works with promoting inclusion between abled and disabled performers, teaching drama and providing workshops for youth centres and schools around self esteem, bullying, littering and many other subjects.

I have taught drama and maths in secondary schools as well as working as an accredited learning mentor for two years at Chase High School.

During a turbulent upbringing which led to me not fulfilling my full potential at school, I have tried to make it my main objection to work hard and put 100% effort into everything I do, while trying to support anyone that needs the help that I would have benefited from as child and through my teens.

I was introduced to Kool Carers when I ran a workshop on bullying for them, and love the work they do to support the community and help children and young adults to just be themselves and to take some time to relax and forget about theirs worries and concerns. I am hoping that I can help them on their journeys.