Kealey Fursedonn

Sessional Support Worker

Hello I’m Kealey,

I first heard about Kool Carers when Rachel visited Anglia Ruskin University; I was in my first year studying my social work degree. Rachel delivered a presentation about the difficulties faced by young carers and the wonderful youth work and counselling the charity offered. I was immediately drawn to Rachel’s kindheartedness, passion and drive to support young carers
and their families and I offered to be a volunteer on the spot! This was sometime ago now and I have now been involved as a youth worker of this amazing charity for over a year.

My love for social work began during my first full-time job when I worked for a local authority Race Equality Council, delivering administrative support to a multi-disciplinary team of social workers, solicitors and interpreters. During my time there I worked on many discrimination and immigration cases, where I sadly witnessed lots of social injustices. This experience was the foundation which has led me to studying social work; in order to have more knowledge to be able to make people aware of their rights and be able to support them further.

My hobbies and interests include cooking, running, spinning classes, yoga and reading any self-help and wellbeing books I can get my hands on! Over the years I’ve worked for several social care providers too, working with different service user groups, including mental health, learning disabilities and people in later life. Although my background has mainly been with adults, I do have a grown up daughter of my own who I raised as a single parent.

Since being part of the Kool Carers team I’ve often wondered why I didn’t work with children and young people sooner! I know how important it is when you’re growing up to have people around who listen to you, believe in you and are there for you, really that’s all I ever hope to do.

Kealey x