Carers Comments

Comments from our young carers about the fantastic events we have at Kool Carers.


Comments from our Kool Carers about the recent trip to Munich!

“I loved it, this was my first time I had ever flown, I love space and planets, so
this was awesome.”

“I was so excited on the whole trip, I did not want to come home because it was
so much fun and I learnt so much. When our aeroplane got delayed and we had
to stay another night in a posh hotel I was so pleased. I would love to go back.”

“This trip allowed me to be me, without all the caring responsibilities I have at
home, having my own room for the night was heaven.”

“Thank you Kool Carers, this was one of the best experiences of my life, I will never forget it.”

“Everyone got on so well, we had so much fun and made lots of memories.”

“The Munich trip was amazing.  On the first full day at Germany we went to the university of Maths and there were two massive slides in the shape of a Maths symbol.  We were allowed to ride it and it was really fun, then we went to one of the observatories and we learn a lot about the solar system. Then on the last day we were not meant to be there but our flight got cancelled.  We went in to Munich town and there was a carnival there so it was really packed and really loud.  We had a look at the clock tower then we went to a pizza place for lunch then we travelled back to the airport and came home.”